For the last 6 weeks, I've been fortunate enough to participate in a Theatre Lab class called "Creating Your Own Cabaret", taught by the incredible team of Steven Cupo and George Fulginiti-Shankar of the DC Cabaret Network.

Words cannot adequately convey how I feel about my experience in class with Steve and George.  From the very 1st class when each shared their experience and beliefs about what cabaret REALLY IS as an art form, I KNEW I was in the right place!  I've had many years of "doing my thing" professionally and wondering why I often felt unfulfilled after a a casual gig or even a big venue performance.  I had the revelation, triggered by what George & Steve said, that I hadn't worked my way into the material deeply enough to derive the kind of artistic satisfaction I ultimately am looking for.    
I also forgot what it feels like to do a performance in an environment like the one we created, where the music IS the reason why people are in the audience, where cell phones are silenced, where the crowd isn't intoxicated or on the way to being so, where drugs deals and use aren't the going on, where people aren't just really there to hear the DJ and get laid! lol    BUT on as side note, it was all worth it as it does provide a surplus of subject matter with which to create my own cabaret, The Triumphs & Trials of a B-list Dance Diva!  But I digress...
Each week was so rich and packed with incredible insight and feedback that we received individually and by extension when our classmates were working on their material.
Moving into our last classes, they took us through our songs and banter with a fine toothed comb to help us let go of vocal & emotional affectation and distracting gestures, to discover and bring to life the truth of the lyric for us and WHY we felt drawn to the songs we were presenting.
And finally, through the performance itself, Steve and George showed so much love, joy and support, creating a safe and truly sacred space for us all to shine.
There is SO much to be gleaned from this class that I know I cannot expect to digest or be able to incorporate all that was given, SO I look forward to the prospect of going back for more as soon as the class is offered again.  

I'll also make sure to become a regular at the monthly Cabaret nights in Adam's Morgan's Black Squirrel, sponsored by the DC Cabaret Network!

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