New Affiliation w/ IMAGINATION STAGE! 

So its been a LONG time since I resolved to blog regularly and clearly there's very little to show for it BUT today is a new day & hope springs eternal, yada yada yada!

But the good news is I'll now be working with IMAGINATION STAGE!  A beautiful theater and theater school in Bethesda, MD!   Most of my classes there will be Ballet Basics, Jazz, Creative Movement and probably some Musical Theater summer camps!   Its been a LONG time since I've been called upon to share my skills in this way so I am VERY excited for the challenge and looking forward to "brushing up"!  My technique ASAP!

Meanwhile, for NOW, today's another day all about voice practice (@
Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman), work at cove, a little lunch w/ old Boston & now DC buddy, Naomi Kubo Cummings, AND gathering some material for tomorrow's FIRST, "Creating Your Own Cabaret Class" The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts!

Can't wait to be back in Chinatown where I last did the musical "The Secret Garden"!

Meanwhile, I did a BLAST from the past of "Summer Rain" and its great new remix just in time for Labor Day weekend!   Click on the title to listen and download.

Feeling grateful to do what I know, what I love, what I live!

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