September's FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD & "RP Update" 

Hello all!   Well, with just a few day left in the month,  here is a FREE music download for SEPTEMBER and a general update about my music making, classes, lessons, etc.

"TAKING OVER ME" is the result of a collaboration back in 2008 with artist/producer, Federico Conti of Mahjong Music.   Though unreleased, I really loved this as a composition and original production and upon revisiting the remixes by Constantine, Peter Barona & Rafael M., I am truly blown away all over again!  I hope you are, too!  And of course, for my fitness buff friends, its great track to run or workout to! : )   Click HERE to download!

RAID OF THE RAINBOW LOUNGE, by Robert Camina, is a wonderful documentary whose soundtrack includes my songs "Shine One" (remix by DJ Ting Arcazon)  and "Change Is Just Around the Corner" (production by Frances Phan).   There will be a DC screening at the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS,  September 30th, at noon!   Click HERE for more details and to attend!

Meanwhile, I have a NEW DANCE SINGLE underway, as a collaboration with DJ/Producer, Norty Cotto!   More news soon!

SONGWRITING & DEMOING continues for my Gospel/Christian Contemporary originals, as I hone my craft singing and playing, guitar and piano, with daily practice the likes of which I've not dedicated myself to since my Berklee College of Music Days!   For a glimpse of this artistic journey, click HERE!

WOLFTRAP ARTIST RESIDENCIES - I have been working with this prestigious DC area arts organization for over 3 years, doing arts residencies in DC charter schools.   These residencies provide professonal development for classroom teachers, helping them learn ways to integrate music, dance, and theater to teach their general curriculum as well as bringing interestig and inspiring arts experiencs to Pre-K and K chilren thorughout the city schools!

PRAISE BAND AT LUTHER PLACE MEMORIAL CHURCH -  I've now had almost 9 months as lead vocalist for this 9am contemporary Sunday service and have grown SO much, vocally AND spiritually, learning new music,  working with great musicians and most recently, welcoming a new Creative Minster of Music,  Jeremy Grenhart!     I must also take this opportunity to credit my vocal guru, Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman, for giving me the necessary tools in terms of vocal technique, to handle this gig, week in and week out, putting new songs in the voice and finding deeper (and HIGHER!) levels of expression as time goes on.

ARTSMART CAMP - DANCE & CREATIVE MOVEMENT AT LUTHER PLACE MEMORIAL CHURCH - This past summer, I taught dance and creative movement classes for the LPMC camp which provides  the neighborhood children with wonderful extracurricular arts experiences throughot the year during winter and spring break and summer vacation.  I now look forward to the winter break ARTSMART camp!

PIANO & VOICE LESSONS VIA ENCORE MUSIC LESSONS & WORD-O-MOUTH - I see several private students weekly, children and adults, through word of mouth AND via an online teachr referral site that I've worked with since my NYC days,   I encorage any music teachers to consider working with Encore to increase your leads to potential new students.   My vocal teacher from Berklee, Charles Sorrento, told me a LONG time ago, "You teach what you love."  and this has certainly proved to be true for me.  

Thanks so much for taking time to read my September "RP Update"!   I wish you a wonderful start to the fall season!  

Lots of love and LIGHT!

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