Wolftrap's Science & Engineering Teaching Artist Training (Music & Dance Residencies)

Hello guys, Today was day 3 of a 4 day teaching artist training at the beautiful Wolftrap in VA! A small group of teaching artists representing dance, drama, music, and puppetry and some combos like me who work both in the music and dance idioms, are in training to create arts experiences in early learning environments that are vehicles for both science and engineering concepts! We've had presentations by a 4 star general and a NASA public relations lady on the engineering side, a career national weather man, the ladies who create science curriculum for Fairfax county, and more. Each presentation has been followed by discussion about the common links of their work and ours as artists, and how to meld these into an interesting, entertaining and education arts experience that will excite kids about these subjects which may have previously been considered by most as dry and boring. It's a pleasure and a privilege to have a job that teaches me SO much as it enables me to carry that learning into our schools to children that deserve and need every advantage possible in their education process. Toward the goal of this training, I am designing my next Wolftrap residency focusing on engineering, lining up the process of building a bridge with the process of songwriting and choreographing. The song has its building blocks of notes, lyrics,rhythm and so on and the dance has its building blocks of steps, leaps, turns, stillness and so on. I'll post some music samples as I make progress on this project. Well, g'nite and thanks for reading! If you have ideas, suggestions, feedback or whatever, I want to hear from you! Until next time, Rachel

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