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For the last 6 weeks, I've been fortunate enough to participate in a Theatre Lab class called "Creating Your Own Cabaret", taught by the incredible team of Steven Cupo and George Fulginiti-Shankar of the DC Cabaret Network.

Words cannot adequately convey how I feel about my experience in class with Steve and George.  From the very 1st class when each shared their experience and beliefs about what cabaret REALLY IS as an art form, I KNEW I was in the right place!  I've had many years of "doing my thing"…

New Affiliation w/ IMAGINATION STAGE!  

So its been a LONG time since I resolved to blog regularly and clearly there's very little to show for it BUT today is a new day & hope springs eternal, yada yada yada!

But the good news is I'll now be working with IMAGINATION STAGE!  A beautiful theater and theater school in Bethesda, MD!   Most of my classes there will be Ballet Basics, Jazz, Creative Movement and probably some Musical Theater summer camps!   Its been a LONG time since I've been called upon to share my skills in this way so I am VERY…Read more

September's FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD & "RP Update"  

Hello all!   Well, with just a few day left in the month,  here is a FREE music download for SEPTEMBER and a general update about my music making, classes, lessons, etc.

"TAKING OVER ME" is the result of a collaboration back in 2008 with artist/producer, Federico Conti of Mahjong Music.   Though unreleased, I really loved this as a composition and original production and upon revisiting the remixes by Constantine, Peter Barona & Rafael M., I am truly blown away all over again!  I hope you are, too!  And of…Read more

August Download - Music Moves Mountains, LLC - NEW SINGLE!  

Hello all!  Hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer and will continue to do so as we move into mid-August!
For this month's download, I was excited to rediscover something in my track archive that I consider to be very old-school, a classic House version of my song, "Change Is Just Around The Corner", remixed by Ben "Pure Elevation" Johnson.   Truthfully, at the time that Ben sent this mix to me, I was in personal crises and unable to appreciate how wonderfully soulful and heartfelt this remix was and, of…Read more

PARALLEL LINES: Early Childhood Education, Science & the Arts 

In the week following the STEM training at Wolftrap,  participating teaching artists were asked to reflect on the curriculum standards and the Next Generation Science framework and explore topics within Science/Engineering that best represent our art form and why.   
Several times throughout the training, it was stated that some educators are skeptical that young children can handle science and can "learn science"!  That to me and my peers, is shocking considering that science encompasses virtually…Read more

Wolftrap's Science & Engineering Teaching Artist Training (Music & Dance Residencies) 

Hello guys, Today was day 3 of a 4 day teaching artist training at the beautiful Wolftrap in VA! A small group of teaching artists representing dance, drama, music, and puppetry and some combos like me who work both in the music and dance idioms, are in training to create arts experiences in early learning environments that are vehicles for both science and engineering concepts! We've had presentations by a 4 star general and a NASA public relations lady on the engineering side, a career national…Read more

I am a newbie blogger! Hehe!  

Hello all, after so many suggestions from family, friends and supporters that I start a blog, I finally listened and took action!  I will blog on a weekly basis about music, movies, art, social issues, and also my journey in the recovery process which I wish to be very open about.  I pulled myself from the belly of the beast as far as partying was concerned and the fact that I lived to tell it through music means so much to me and hopefully to others out there, too.  So come back soon and share a thought or…Read more