In addition to her extensive career of recording and performing, Rachel is proud to be a Wolftrap Resident Teaching Artist,
Praise Band leader at Luther Place Memorial Church, licensed Music Together instructor, and former dance instructor at the non-profit Sitar Arts Center, and Levine School of Music's summer program. 
Rachel has over 10 years of teaching experience for piano, voice, music theory and songwriting and currently offers lessons in the beautiful, bright and airy music studio located within the offices of the Luther Place Memorial Church.
As a teaching artist, Rachel seeks to share her passion for dance and music with her students, and strives to impart a 
respect and reverence of tradition and an appreciation of both a contemporary and classical aesthetic. Her work in both 
the disciplines of dance and music reinforce each other through her energetic teaching style, emphasizing sensitive listening, a deep feeling and understanding of music and how movement connects to that music.
As a graduate of Duke Ellington High School for the Arts and the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Rachel believes in maintaining high standards of artistic training while still enjoying a friendly, fun rapport with students, learning and discovering together through music and dance!
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Levine School of Music's Summer Program News!

 Levine School of Music - Summer Arts Program  
Week 1 of 3

In this first week, dance classes focused on basics ranging from directions (i.e. forward, backward, side to side), spacial awareness and a variety of divisions of rhythm across the room walking, running, jumping and turning to music. 

Students were encouraged to infuse their movements with some personal style and flair! The musical selections come mainly from the American songbook ranging from Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, and Billie Holiday. With these classic recording's signature style vocals, punchy big band arrangements and lush orchestral arrangements, we found the inspiration for a wide range of physical expression AND at times, theatrical facial expressions!

We worked on flexibility and strength, covering beginning dance terminology. Within a short time, students were following instructions and showed signs of imbibing the technical and stylistic principles we covered.