Appeared on Rosabel's FIREBALL Volume 2 on Centaur Records 2004
Written by Steven Billing and Rachel Panay
Vocals recorded at Melodylab Studios, Miami
Copyright 2004 R. Panay



Its 9am and you’re such a mess
Still in last night’s evening dress
Candlelight, too much champagne
Do you even remember his name?

You can’t believe how bad it feels
The morning hours still in high heels
But you have no one else to blame
You’re on the walk of shame

The walk of shame, the walk of shame
You played the game and now you must walk the walk of shame
The walk of shame, the walk of shame
Sooner or later, we all walk the walk of shame

You’re head is pounding you’re such a disgrace
Look at that make up, running down your face
Was it even worth it? Was it really that good
Now you don’t even recognize the neighborhood

It wasn’t something that you had planned
But you had another one night stand
You wanted fortune, you wanted fame
So lie in the bed you made, do the walk of shame


Why does everyone stop and stare
While you pretend that you don’t care?
You hold your head up and try not to cry
But the shame feels so bad you want to die


Original lyrics by Steven Billing
Adapted by Rachel Panay for musical version, Miami 2003